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Bloomers  -  by James Saunders (1979)

Originally aired on BBC2 - September 27-October 25, 1979 with the following cast -

   -    Richard Beckinsale
   -    Anna Calder-Marshall
   -    David Swift
   -    Paul Curran
   -    June Ritchie
   -    Pat Gorman
    Producer - Roger Race
Film Editor - John Jarvis
Music - Ken Jones

Episode 1 - unofficial title "Partnership" - September 27, 1979

Episode 2 - unofficial title "First Day" - October 4, 1979

Episode 3 - unofficial title "The Contract" - October 11, 1979

Episode 4 - unofficial title "The Yellow Line" - October 18, 1979

Episode 5 - unofficial title "Dr Lamb" - October 25, 1979

Premise - Stan, an out of work actor, takes a part-time job in a florist. The gardening jobs he takes on invariably land him in hot water with his paranoid girlfriend Lena.

Background - The series consists of only five episodes. On March 19, 1979, the day of rehearsal for the sixth (and proposed final) episode, Richard Beckinsale suffered a fatal heart attack. He was 31 and had had no prior history of heart problems. The series was immediately cancelled but a decision was made to air the completed episodes later in the year as a tribute to Beckinsale. (The script of Episode 6 is extant.)

Whilst it is easy to be wise in retrospect, Beckinsale does look somewhat bloated and tired in the last couple of episodes, giving the following exchange from episode five an unintended poignancy -

O'Shaunnessy: You don't look too strong. Have you been ill?
Stan: I had a difficult birth.

James Saunders   |   bibliography

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