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Double, Double  -  by James Saunders (1962)

A Play in One Act

Characters (in the order of their appearance) -

    GRUNGE,  a bus driver
NELLIE,  the cook
NIMROD,  a bus driver
FRAN,  the cleaner and kitchen hand
PUMFRET,  Grunge's conductor
GIMLET,  a bus driver
LILLIAN,  Gimlet's conductress
IRIS,  Dogg's conductress
BERT DOGG,  a bus driver

The action of the Play passes in a busmen's canteen, about noon on a winter's day

Time - the present

© 1964 James Saunders
published by Samuel French (London, England), 1964
ISBN-10: 0573020558
ISBN-13: 978-0573020551

published by Blackie (England), 1964
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James Saunders   |   bibliography

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