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A Man's Best Friend  -  by James Saunders (1969)

Originally presented as one of eight plays under the title "We Who Are About To..." at the Hampstead Theatre Club on February 6th 1969, which was subsequently presented as "Mixed Doubles" at the Comedy Theatre, London on April 9th 1969 with the following cast -

   -    Andree Melly
   -    Oscar Quitak
    Devised by Anton Rodgers
Directed by Alexander Dore
Designed by Tim Goodchild
Lighting by Joe Davis

© 1970 James Saunders
published by Menthuen and Co Ltd (London, England), 1970
(Mixed Doubles - An Entertainment On Marriage)
SBN 416 16160 X

The plays and linking monologues comprising Mixed Doubles are -


"The Vicar" - George Melly
"A Man's Best Friend" - James Saunders
"The Bank Manager" - George Melly
"Score" - Lyndon Brook
"The Lawyer" - George Melly
"Norma" - Alun Owen
"The Nannie" - George Melly
"Night" - Harold Pinter


"The Psychoanalyst" - George Melly
"Permanence" - Fay Weldon
"The Doctor" - George Melly
"Countdown" - Alan Ayckbourn
"The Union Official" - George Melly
"Silver Wedding" - John Bowen
"The Director" - George Melly
"Resting Place" - David Campton


"The Headmaster" - George Melly
"The Advertising Man" - George Melly

The two sketches in the appendix were not used in the production of Mixed Doubles at the Comedy Theatre, but are included in the publication, and can be substituted for two of the other linking sketches.

Mixed Doubles, 'an entertainment on marriage,' takes the form of eight short plays, each for two characters... Each is an independent play in its own right but the whole sequence, linked by a series of wickedly anti-authoritarian monologues written by George Melly adds up to an amusing if acid picture of the progress of married life from honeymoon to cemetry.

"I sat entranced by the fecundity of its wit, touched by its sardonic pessimism..."
- Harold Hobson (Sunday Times)

James Saunders   |   bibliography

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