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Making It Better  -  by James Saunders (1991)

A Play

First presented at the Hampstead Theatre, London, on 11th February 1992, with the following cast -

   -    Jane Asher
   -    Rufus Sewell
   -    Larry Lamb
   -    David De Keyser
   -    Sylvester Morand
    Directed by Michael Rudman
Lighting Design by Rory Dempster
Design by Simon Higlett

Transferred to the Criterion Theatre 21st October 1992
(Rufus Sewell won the 1993 London Critics Circle Best Newcomer Award)

Time - Act I Scene I and Act II Scene 5 - 1992;   the rest of the Play - 1989

© 1992 James Saunders
published by Samuel French (London, England), 1992
ISBN-10: 0573018340
ISBN-13: 978-0573018343

published in France as "C'Etait Bien"

It is 1989; Czechoslovakia is struggling with its new-found freedom. In London, Pavlicek and Tomas, two Czechoslovakian émigrés, become involved in the tangled relationship between Diana and Adrian Harrington, who purvey British culture across the globe via the World Service. Adrian has an affair with Tomas, Diana with Pavlicek and then with Tomas.... Betrayals - of friends, lovers, countries and ideals - abound in this emotionally exacting and politically stringent comedy, in which nobody plays by the rules and nobody emerges blameless.

(back cover, Samuel French 1992)

This elegaic farce strikes me as Saunders' best play to date. (Independent on Sunday)

James Saunders   |   bibliography

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