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Retreat  -  by James Saunders (1995)

First presented at the Orange Tree Theatre (Richmond, Surrey, England) on May 4th 1995 with the following cast -

   -    Tim Pigott-Smith
   -    Victoria Hamilton
    Designed by Ti Green
Lighting by Mark Doubleday
Directed by Sam Walters

© 1995 James Saunders
published by First Writes (London, England), 1995
ISBN-10: 095241595X (0952415941 limited edition)
ISBN-13: 978-0952415954 (978-0952415947 limited edition)

published in France as "Le Refuge"

A middle-aged man and a 19 year old girl together in a room late at night take each other on a journey of exploration into the realms of grief and guilt. As layer after layer is stripped away we see how they can find comfort and healing from each other. This is one of those plays that grips you so totally and affects you so beautifully that you feel you want to spend the whole night in the company of these two wounded but fascinating human beings.

photos from the play

"James Saunders has newly scripted an arresting, probing play about grief and guilt... Retreat is a subtle disturbing drama of confrontation between a middle-aged man and a young woman, both bereaved and dangerously shaky." - The Times

"James Saunders concentrates his obvious strengths beautifully in this incisive psycho-drama... The way its two tragedy-stricken characters lock horns across the generation and gender gaps is riveting." - Evening Standard

"With subtle skill and well-orchestrated dialogue, Saunders links these two troubled souls in a dark web of complicity and deceit - though the approaching dawn suggests that redemption is never far away." - What's On

"A fine work which displays Saunders' mastery at creating characters whose lacerating humour is a vain defence against both tragedy and vacuum." - The Financial Times

James Saunders   |   bibliography

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