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What Theatre Really Is  -  by James Saunders (1977)

© 1977 James Saunders
published by Edward Arnold (London, England), 1977
(Play Ten - Ten short plays - edited by Robin Rook)
ISBN 0 7131 0156 3       BL Ref No 822 9 1408   PR1272
also includes Over the Wall + an introduction discussing questions, answers, art, and theatre

"Any number can play. But for convenience I have assumed nine actors, designated by numbers, and nine members of the auduience, designated by letters. This play was written to be done in a classroom (though, if you want to have a go at adapting it for a 'real' stage and a 'real' audience, you can). The play is unfinished. What follows, I imagine, is that the teacher, playing the part of The Teacher, brilliantly resolves the paradox; this is followed by an improvised discussion, or argument, or riot; and the bell goes, or the police are called."

(James Saunders)

James Saunders   |   bibliography

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